A Message to our little seedlings:

A Message to our little seedlings:

As your parents our job is to love you, protect you, teach you, and nurture you into Godly men and women empowered with the tools to be and do whatever is God's calling on your life and to do so in a loving, prayerful, and praise-full way! Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is not merely a suggestion it is the Biblical foundation from which you should derive your behavior now and always. As you grow, please read the Bible for yourselves, God will give you great insight to the teachings that we strive so hard to instill inside each one of you daily. Remember, you are wonderfully and fearfully made and we love you!

Your Parents

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sabbath Reflections

As the sun sets I sit alone at our Sabbath table sipping my dirty chai and thinking about how much our lives have changed since we became a Sabbath-keeping family. Our hearts and minds have been turned on God, His Word, His Law and His love.  At first, you may be one of the many who want to suggest that we have become legalists, but let me assure you that it couldn't be further from reality, nor the truth of God's Word.  We do observe Saturday as the commanded Sabbath and we believe that the Old and New Testament absolutely instruct us to keep God's laws.... because we love him, not for salvation. Salvation is a finished work, as in, once we accept the free gift of salvation our response is to follow God's ways, His holy Word which includes His laws, and to do so out of our love for Him. I won't get into arguments here, nor will I dump theological arguments in this post. My purpose is to give you some insight into how our lives have been changed for the better.

As we began our day, little Cassie tells me that she would like to finish her school work in time to be able to finish her preparation day work, SO that she can relax and enjoy their new SuperBook subscription. It warmed my heart incredibly. There have been so many incidences where our children have discussed God's Word and what it means to them and I've seen and heard them applying it in their lives. She completed her preparation day work (cleaning her room) in plenty of time. I also finished mine. 

We set the table for dinner and everyone sat down. It has become one of our favorite times to gather as a family; Sabbath dinner. This is something we did not do before and it has fostered such a family closeness in our lives! After we are done eating, Roz and I clear the table for dessert. Everyone LOVES this part! Then I make my tea and sit down at the table after everyone leaves the kitchen.  I look out the window at the Sabbath candles reflecting in the window and my heart bubbles with joy. The joy of the changes we have all experienced and how each one of us spends daily time in God's Word and we talk about it and reflect on it. 

It's sunset now, and time to put away my own things and put time into my relationship with God.  My prayer for you, dear friend and reader, is that you may also spend time deepening your relationship with our loving God. 

Shabbat Shalom, my friends!